MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

Introducing Inside: Disasters Expo USA - the New Disaster Management Podcast

From Hurricane Katrina to The Great Flood of 1993, there have been plenty of truly historic disasters to hit the US over the years. Of course, these instances were tragic, having huge costs in the forms of human suffering and economic damage – it can be hard to even think about these sorts of things, let alone talk about them. However, in order to improve how we prepare for, respond to, and recover from these horrifying events, someone has to be able to. 

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What is The Podcast?

With that in mind, we introduce Inside: Disasters Expo USA, the podcast to our, taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center on March 6th and 7th of 2024. The event returns this year to showcase the work of hundreds of exhibitors and speakers, sharing their disaster management technology and logistical solutions, along with sharing insights from a range of related industries. 

A Space for Tough Conversations

The podcast, hosted by Isobel Ree, will be focused on digging deeper into the topic as a whole by showcasing conversations with collaborators and speakers associated with the event. The talks in question will feature in-depth explorations of disasters themselves, how they can best be responded to, and how to create a clear path to sustainable recovery. 

We’ve put together this blog to give some more vital information about the podcast itself, how it will approach emergency management, and how it fits into the wider context of its namesake event. We’ll touch on some different disaster management jobs, some of the guests soon to appear, and include some additional details about what can be expected of the Expo. 

What Do We Mean by “Disasters”

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Disasters, or climate disasters, are sudden, extreme events that cause serious damage to property and people. They can be a result of natural processes or due to complications that have come about due to human interference with natural processes. 

The kinds of occurrences that are encompassed by the Disasters Expo and its partner podcast include:

  • Hurricanes & Typhoons: Essentially very intense tropical storms that bring strong winds and heavy, flood-causing rain. 
  • Tornadoes: Large, spinning wind storms that can suck even large structures up into the sky. 
  • Volcanic Eruptions: Cases of lava, massive plumes of smoke, and huge quantities of gas coming from the top of volcanoes, causing pollution and damage.
  • Earthquakes: When tectonic plates move and release energy to the earth’s surface, resulting in tremors that can cause serious damage. 
  • Tsunamis: These are massive waves that come from the sea and make it to the shore, causing both significant flash flooding and impact-based damage. 
  • Droughts: When an area suffers from a long period with no rainfall, resulting in the ground drying up, crop yields suffering, and water allowances for nearby residents. 
  • Landslides: Sudden instances of movement from mountains, resulting in serious amounts of rock, mud, or other forms of land falling down the side to the bottom.
  • Forest Fires: In particularly dry areas, whether recently drought-ridden or otherwise, a small fire can exacerbate itself into a widespread, uncontrolled blaze. 
  • Floods: Whether caused by massive rainfall, changes in nearby bodies of water, or the melting of ice - floods decimate areas with huge quantities of water.

These are the kinds of occurrences that will be discussed both on the podcast and in person at the expo. While many of these disasters aren’t preventable, it’s important to note that there are plenty of disaster management jobs and techniques that can be enacted to help minimize their negative impacts. 

The Objective of The Podcast

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In general, the podcast will be about shedding light on the disaster management cycle and how they might be responded to from a range of different angles. The podcast will also serve as a way to introduce the audience to the range of guest speakers they can expect to see at the event, allowing them to understand their point of view more intimately and accurately. 

A Variety of Perspectives

The reason for approaching the subject matter through the podcast medium is core to its existence, as it creates a document of each guest’s unique point of view and experience. While each of the guests will be present at the Disasters Expo USA, their seminars will only be accessible to the attendees. The podcast format allows the audience to gain valuable insights into the topic of disasters in their own time and at their own pace, with the conversational aspect also opening up new perspectives that might not come up in their seminars. 

The Target Audience

While the podcast will be publicly accessible, it’s primarily designed for people in and around the emergency management field, whether working for disaster recovery services, developing relief technology, or even simply being part of a construction team. Much like the event, the podcast will be most focused on reaching people in these fields, helping to spark their imaginations and industrial spirits. 

The Guests You Can Expect to See

Much like the expo, one of the biggest draws of the podcast is the impressive slot of guests that it has in the pipeline. The conversations hosted by Isobel Ree will follow a similar structure each time, but differentiation will come from the topics that each guest specializes in. 

This will allow for the full range of disasters to be covered, along with the introduction of new management strategies, exciting technological advancements, and promising prospects for the future. 

Some of the upcoming guests and the subjects they’re going to bring to the podcast include: 

Eric Letvin: Deputy Assistant Administrator of Mitigation  -  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Eric will be at the expo offering valuable insights about the grants that FEMA will be providing for different disaster-prone areas, helping them to maintain resilience even in the face of serious issues. His appearance on the podcast is expected to touch on this, while also digging into his wider career within FEMA. 

Jamie Rhome: Deputy Director  -  NOAA/National Hurricane Center

Jamie, an expert on Hurricanes, will be giving a keynote speech at the Disasters Expo USA 2024 focused on two high-profile hurricanes from recent history. On the podcast, he will be reflecting on his award-winning career as the Deputy Director of NOAA’s National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami.

Richard Fimbel: Director of Emergency Management  -  South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)

With over 25 years of experience in emergency management, Richard Fimbel is essentially the dream guest for this podcast. In his episode, he’ll be looking back over his career, while also touching on the topic of his expo seminar - the importance of building and developing a resilient response and recovery team within any organization.

Aris Papadopoulos: Resilience Action Fund

Aris, himself a 9/11 survivor, is one of the world’s leading authorities on Resilience. While at the Expo, he’ll be introducing the Building Resilience Index, his episode on ‘Inside’ will be a more general investigation of his career, including a reflection on his acclaimed book “Resilience - The Ultimate Sustainability”, which was adapted into a PBS documentary. 

As you can see, the podcast isn’t accepting any half-measures when it comes to the credibility of its guests. With plenty more guests to be announced and a bevy of other topics to touch on, we’re excited to see the wide range of conversations that will come out of this podcast.  

What to Expect from Disasters Expo USA

So now we know what to expect from Inside: Disasters Expo USA, let’s take a closer look at what we can expect to see from the Expo itself, beyond the many seminars and speeches focusing on topics such as those described above. 

Live Demos

One of the most exciting aspects of the event will be its live demonstrations. One of which will be a Hurricane Simulation, showcasing the use of virtual to simulate a hurricane from the inside of a storm surge. Another will be the Emergency Response Live demo, focused on how volunteers can be trained in emergency response techniques. 


The expo will feature hundreds of businesses and organizations, exhibiting their products and solutions to the attendees, along with sharing insights into what they do. The event will also be an opportunity for attendees to access exclusive deals that the public isn’t privy to.

Innovation Awards

Disasters Expo USA is also known for its renowned Innovation Awards, honoring the Most Innovative Technology, Life-Saving Solution of The Year, and Cost-Effective Mitigation Product of The Year. There will be a live showcase for the nominees and winners.

There will also be much more for attendees to sink their teeth into, including thousands of networking opportunities with fellow visitors. 


As you can see, the podcast is soon to become the go-to option for anyone looking to update their perspective on disaster recovery planning, general emergency management, or any of the surrounding topics. With a range of illustrious guests and a variety of intriguing perspectives expanded upon, it’s sure to satisfy listeners passionate about the topic. 

For more information on the podcast and the event in Miami, visit our website today and secure your tickets here!!!