MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

As Seen on World’s Greatest Television!

Walton Military Rental specializes in repurposed Military grade equipment which is applied to many  fields of industry including disaster relief efforts.

Our rental services include shelters, hard flooring,  power generation, power distribution, and climate control to create a turnkey base camp that can  comfortably house hundreds of personnel. Our rapidly deployable shelters offer a cost-efficient  solution to mass housing with a single truck load or shipping container able to shelter hundreds of  people and can be sent anywhere in the country or world.

The shelters we utilize pack up in less than  1% of their deployed size and can be erected in a matter of 10 minutes which makes these assets a  powerful tool when time and logistical cost is a factor. Walton Military Rental’s humble beginnings  started with two brothers selling Military surplus on the side which quickly developed into a movie  prop service.

Our shelters have been featured in many films such as Marvel’s Wanda Vision and the  movie Greenland, just to name a few. Later down the road we shifted our efforts to include  Government and Military contract work where we set up base camps and classroom shelters to  Military installations such as Fort Hood Texas and Camp Shelby Mississippi. Once again, Walton  Military Rental is shifting its efforts this time to include disaster relief services. Wherever disaster  strikes and homes are lost, our dedicated team will be there to provide comfortable temporary  housing. We are a passionate small family owned and operated business and it’s because of this we  are flexible with our clients in providing a solution that fits your budget. Our equipment used to serve  the U.S. Military but now has been given a 2nd chance to serve our communities and our county’s  citizens.

Walton Military Rental’s flexibility, family operated structure, and passionate team who are  eager to grow and expand is what makes us one of the worlds greatest!