MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

FOX Weather: The Future of Disaster Mitigation and Relief

Courtesy of Fox Weather.

On February 7th & 8th of 2022, Miami Beach hosted the Natural Disasters Expo. During this expo, thousands of visitors ascended to the Miami Beach Convention Center to see the future in catastrophic event mitigation and relief. More than 300 disaster response and prevention vendors along with industry leaders from NOAA, NASA, FEMA, and more were in attendance. Occurring over a two-day period the conference focuses on four main categories: earthquakes, heat & fire, flooding, and storms.

Florida as a whole and especially Miami experiences numerous natural disasters mostly hurricanes and flooding which made this region the ideal location to host this event.

Fox weather caught up with keynote speaker and Science and Operations officer at the National Hurricane Center, Christopher “Chris” William Landsea. Chris spoke about the progress of Hurricane and storm tracking. Strides in detection have increased range and the accuracy of tracking a storm and other inclement weather events. Chris spoke on the evolution of forecasting and how we have reduced reporting errors exponentially compared to where we were a generation ago. Fox Weather correspondent Steve Bender also spotlighted some notable tech like rainwater harvesting machines and solar-powered refrigeration units.

Watts was on hand and displaying their RainCycler, the portable rainwater harvesting unit that you can use to retrofit your home. The RainCycler allows you to collect rainwater and purifies it for personnel use and consumption. Another exhibitor was on hand with solar-powered refrigeration units that are essential in the absence of power during a crisis.

You can watch the full segment here courtesy of Fox Weather.

Be on the lookout for more information about the next Natural Disasters Expo in Anaheim, CA this year!