MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

VCG-When The Wave Is Near

When The Wave Is Near


No matter how prepared you are for a flood you have to think what happens if you suffer damages and loss? Where do you look to try to rebuild and reestablish? These are some of the questions many people ask when a flooding disaster happens. In these desperate times it is important to know what organizations and companies can provide aid and services. So what would you need to rebuild and repair your home or business?

In cases like these you need services and companies that help with restoration and reconstruction. Florida based company Venture Construction Group has been aiding in the repairing and rebuilding effort not only in the sunshine state but also in the Caribbean. Providing 24/7 support ranging from emergency services to renovation and restoration. VCG has the industry’s leading accreditation, commitment to innovation, multiple awards and is equipped and ready to assist.

Coming this February 7th&8th, Miami Beach Convention Center will host the world's leading flood exhibition and conference co-located with the Storm Expo, Heat & Fire Expo and the Earthquake Expo. This convention will bring together various companies that provide preventative and restorative efforts in response to a flooding disaster.

This convention will showcase some of the industry leading organizations that supply energy, technology, emergency services and much more. Both those from the government and the private sector will be in attendance. This event will showcase live demonstrations and product displays of the future of flood protection and mitigation. Click here to register for free tickets to the event, hope to see you there.