MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Exhibitor Spotlight: QLess

As technological capabilities continue to increase, we are able to solve more and more problems with digital solutions, even something as basic and fundamental as waiting in line. QLess is an innovative company that utilizes modern technology to minimize the amount of time wasted waiting in lines with mobile queuing. The QLess app allows users to join a virtual line via either the QLess App, two-way SMS, or client websites.

The potential time-saved by utilizing the mobile queuing offered by QLess is invaluable. Customers no longer need to dedicate hours and hours to queuing, and instead are able to focus on other tasks while QLess takes care of the rest. After joining the virtual queue, customers are given their estimated wait-time along with automatic notifications as they near the front.

QLess is successfully changing the way companies do business, allowing them to provide a better customer experience than ever before, increasing customer satisfaction by up to 99%. The patented solutions provided by QLess are used by hundreds of customers across 6 continents.

Dr. Rolando Garcia, South Campus President at Broward said, “QLess has not only vastly reduced the lines of students waiting to access campus services, but also provides valuable insights that allow us to improve the entire college experience.”

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