MAR 5 & 6 2025

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WindTripper consists of an aerodynamic spoiler installed around the roof perimeter.  Normally, the spoiler in its stowed position consists of an extension of the roofline.  When the wind reaches around 35 kts, the assembly rolls onto its back into its extended position where it constitutes a spoiler.  The assembly presses downward on the edge of the roof holding down the roofing material in place.  It aerodynamically reverses the flow of air so that rather than flowing up the roof tearing off roofing material, the wind actually flows downward, keeping the wind from “getting its fingers under” the roofing material.  Once the air is tumbled, it tends to remain above the roof, reducing further damage.  Because of the spoiler effect, it reduces total uplift on the roof, reducing the tendency of the entire roof flying off the structure.  The harder the wind blows, the better the WindTripper performs.  When the wind speed decreases, the WindTripper returns to its stowed position, ready for the next wind event.

   The WindTripper is a simple and easy-to-install, cost-effect solution to wind damage to roofs.  WindTripper – we keep a roof over your head.


Lightning Master Corporation

Lightning Master is a full services, full spectrum static solutions and lightning protection company serving the oil, gas and chemical industries since 1984. Our turn-key services include consulting, design & engineering, manufacturing and installation dedicated to lightning protection, surge suppression and grounding. Designs and structural lightning protection systems and components meet NFPA 780 and UL requirements. Lightning Master manufactures highest quality stainless steel, titanium and Hastelloy components all made in the USA, which are made to withstand corrosive environments in industrial settings. Our complete line of products and systems are backed by our worldwide support and customer service.


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