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Western Weather Group

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2020 was the sixth consecutive year with at least 10+ billion-dollar weather events and set the new record for number of events at 22. It is clear that the severity and frequency of major weather events is on the rise. How will your business understand your weather-related risks and make better decisions?

Western Weather Group’s combination of weather monitoring equipment and near-term weather forecasting services can give you the insights needed to make good decisions about severe weather impacts to public safety.

As the market leader in wildfire weather monitoring for electric utilities we actively collect and distribute accurate and timely weather data from 3000+ customer owned monitoring stations. We provide tools for visualizing and interpreting the data along with alerts for monitored weather parameters to make sure our customers are aware of rapidly changing weather conditions. Our integrated monitoring equipment can be customized to suite your specific needs with a variety or sensor, communications, and installation options.

Our customized weather forecasts ensure we provide our customers with the information they need to make good decisions. Our dedicated team of meteorologists have 40 years of experience in forecasting the weather. We pride ourselves in accurate and detailed forecasts that provide information relevant to our customers decision making process.

Call or email us today to see how we can help your business address your weather risks with our product and service solutions.

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