MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Walton Military Rental LLC.

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Our team utilizes a large selection of Military-grade expeditionary equipment that can be rapidly
deployed anywhere needing temporary infrastructure whenever disaster strikes.
With our turnkey shelter solutions, we offer cost-effective packages that can be used for emergency
housing, field hospitals and triage, a base of operations, and so much more.
Our rapid deployable battle proven shelters can deploy in a matter of minutes and large complexes can
be erected in just a few hours, all while being able to pack up to a small footprint that requires far less
logistics compared to other shelter options.
Why buy when you can rent?
With our services you will not have to purchase large quantities of equipment with a huge up-front cost
and deal with storage, maintenance, and training. But when disaster strikes, just call Walton Military
Rental and our team of trained professionals will assist you with provided a tailored made shelter

Tel: 678-654-9863

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