MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

U.S. Flood Control

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The FM Approved Tiger Dam flood control technology system is changing the approach to preserving infrastructure by protecting buildings, keeping interstates and highways accessible, and allowing utilities to function during storms. The system was designed for rapid deployment ahead of a flood event, eliminating the need for heavy equipment and extensive labor, thereby reducing time and saving money. The system is easily reusable for +20 years.

Tiger Dams are a water-filled temporary barrier system. They are designed to take any shape, and are the only engineered system that can be joined from just a few feet to 100's of miles long. It is the only flood control system that can be stacked up to 32 ft. high.

Tiger Dam is FM Approved with a Platinum level certification for Flood Abatement. The Testing protocol was developed by the United States Army Corp of Engineers, in conjunction with the Association of Flood Plain Managers, and was facilitated at their ERDAC testing facility in Vicksburg MS. This is the only facility in the country that is large enough to test up to the scale needed to meet the test requirements.

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