MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Truma Corporation

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Truma North America will be presenting its portable and versatile Truma fridge/freezer to the disaster relief industry. 

Named in honor of President Harry S. Truman nearly 75 years ago, Truma is a German manufacturer of premium quality heating and cooling equipment for RVs and trailers of all sizes and designs, as well as premium portable refrigeration units.


The ability to work with alternative power sources like generators and lithium-ion batteries in situations when electricity may not be available makes the Truma fridge/freezer an ideal solution for keeping water cold and food safe. More importantly, because the fridges are able to cool to -8°F without using ice, they are able to store larger quantities of vital supplies like temperature-sensitive medicationsas well. The durable, robust construction provides additional protection for these life-saving supplies.


The units are built for rugged, outdoor use and, while initially designed with off-grid recreation in mind, a lot of those same features are invaluable in emergency situations as well

Truma is proud to introduce our product to this new market.


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