MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Swoop Aero

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Swoop Aero is a global leader in drone logistics, forging new connections for a more prosperous, sustainable, and resilient society and economy. We make access to the skies seamless to address some of the most profound global challenges of our time. Through technology and a global footprint we augment current logistics infrastructure: strengthening equitable access to healthcare, accelerating decarbonisation and responding in times of natural disaster and health crises.

We see on the horizon a more just future for us all – and move the world closer each day. A future where good health and wellbeing is within fast, easy reach, no matter where you are. So that a mother does not die during childbirth, waiting for lifesaving oxytocin. So that remote communities can access routine vaccinations. And so that children are not separated from their parents for weeks, awaiting pathology results during an emergency response to ebola.

Where more affordable, clean technology powers our supply chains. 

Where insights, captured from new heights, drive better outcomes in emergencies. So that we form a deeper understanding of landscapes before disaster strikes. Go where it is too dangerous in times of bushfires and floods. And swiftly deploy search and rescue operations, when every second counts.

Our aircraft and expanding networks move the world closer to this new horizon.

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