MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Shelter Structures America Inc.

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Shelter Structures America Inc. is a high-ranking distributor of large tent structures in the US, Canada, and Mexico. We recently introduced the Shelter First Responder series of tents. These Inflatable Tents are ready for rapid deployment and provide open space to be utilized in the most effective way. For disaster relief, our Shelter’s First Responder series offers space on moment’s notice along with the latest in technology and safety.

Here at Shelter Structures America, safety is our #1 priority. We ensure the highest standards in tent structures by continuously investing in the most advanced manufacturing technology. Shelter Structures is ISO certified, even with the code requirements for engineered tents constantly changing. Our products are tested against the most rigorous standards, like the National Fire Protection Code and the Building Codes for Temporary Structures.

Tel: (424)-254-9172

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