MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

SeeDevil Lighting

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After 60 years of experience in portable lighting & power, thousands of fire and disaster assignments we continue to innovate and adjust to our customers’ needs and market trends. We created portable lighting before it existed commercially. At infancy, it was simple string lights hanging from trees, progressing to sealed beam par lamp fixtures on stands, moving to tungsten halogen floods, and then high pressure sodium devices, metal halide light sources and xenon.

We designed and created stands, towers, vehicle hardware and even moved into long range lighting with projections up to 3000 ft for search and rescue efforts. Now we offer the latest technology, SeeDevil™ LED portable lighting. SeeDevil products incorporate our knowledge gained in real world emergency support with the unique requirements of industrial portable lighting.

SeeDevil™ portable lighting products are economical and built to last offering outstanding performance from a name you can trust.

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