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SCS Cases has been providing protective case solutions to our customer for over 30 years. We first arrange to meet with our customer to go over the requirements of the application. We concentrate on specifics like, whom will be using the equipment, how will the equipment be moves around, truck, airplane, or personal vehicle, etc. are there constraints, weight, size, configuration, etc. Will the cases need to be airtight/watertight, will the equipment need to be operated within the case, etc. Can the cases be reused/repurposed if current equipment becomes obsolete, etc.
At SCS Cases we realize that when one needs to deploy, equipment needs to arrive intact and function properly.
We design cases to each specific requirement. The cases will have custom waterjet cut cavities for accuracy as well as the utmost protection protection for the item going into that cavity. We design for rapid deployment where every item has a specific place in the cavity to allow for visual inventory when deploying and returning. This ensure that no key item is left behind, every item has a home.

SCS Cases has a stellar relationship with the Premier case manufacturers throughout the world. Brands like Pelican, Hardigg, SKB, Zarges to name a few.
There is no item big or small that we can’t properly protect.
Things like an individual 2-way radio up to and including a medical device so large that it can take 2 forklifts in order to put on over take off of an 18 wheeler.

SCS Cases has offices in New England, Ohio/Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, the Dakotas, as well as the Kansas City/St. Louis area.

We regularly service customer the likes of: 3M, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, L-3, Abbott, Medtronic, as well as the Military and FEMA to name a few.

Please allow us the opportunity to impress you with our products and services!

Tel: 866-443-2085

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