MAR 6 & 7 2024

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RSS-Hydro is a young Luxembourg R&D company, founded in 2017, with business activities focusing on innovative uses of remote sensing and space technologies for geospatial services in environmental applications. The company’s activities pivot around three business pillars: research and development, commercial products and services, and expert consulting. The commercial products and services pillar include production and sales of geospatial products as well as drone-related services through RSS-Hydro’s recently added service department RSS-Drones. Our main business consists of developing science-driven products and services focusing on environment and water-related hazards and risks, in particular floods, using computer simulations and remote sensing technologies. We are a team of internationally-recognized scientists, geospatial scientists, IT, and trained drone pilots. RSS-Hydro also runs a government-accredited private research institute with its Research and Education Department, where we host and train PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. The team regularly submits research projects to a number of national and international programs. Furthermore, we stand for open data, promote open public IP and we publish our methods and algorithms in open-access scientific journals. RSS-Hydro builds on transparency and strategic public-private partnerships to advance important issues, such as the SDGs. We have just joined forces with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and leading Italian software company Fadeout to create a joint venture called WASDI, a fully interoperable platform, on which users can develop and execute EO-based apps for a variety of applications, including disaster assistance tools such as global flood mapping and fire detection from satellites.

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