MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center


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Robotto is tackling one of the deadliest symptoms of our climate crisis - Wildfires! All across the world, firefighters are getting overwhelmed with the numbers and ferocity of the wildfires. Getting an overview is a matter of life and death.

With autonomous smart drones, powered by edge-level AI, Robotto is providing incident commanders with real-time data on size, location, direction, and local weather of wildfires.

Making sure emergency services make the right call, every time. Saving up to 70% in man-hours spent in operation, and 60% of the land that otherwise would have been destroyed.

We’re an international group of engineering romantics, with a deep-rooted belief that we can inspire the world for the better, with robotics driving the necessary change. By tackling some of the world's most pressing problems, we continuously make a positive impact one step at a time. With computer vision, AI, and drones at the core of our technology.

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