MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Quench Innovations

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Atmospheric Water Generator, LLC. (AWG) d/b/a Quench Innovations (QI) organized in 2015 when Mel Gordon applied his HVAC experience to the spiraling reports of global water scarcity – even in the USA. He asked the question, “Why not secure this daily waste from HVAC systems and turn it into pure drinking water?”

Beginning research, he found already patented atmospheric water generators. He and his wife Isabel bought one and became promoters while enjoying the benefits and great taste of water-from-air. This innovative new water source is amazing. It “creates” incredibly clean water from the air. Now they represent the most durable and reliable units available – made in the USA.

As innovative leaders, they witnessed the vast amounts of clean water readily available on location in the humid air we breathe. When good water is desired, this humid air can be your source of exceptionally clean water. Ideal for rescue groups requiring emergency water supply, our AwG units offer you a great supply of water. 

QI water generators can be powered by local utilities, diesel generators, solar, or other alternative power sources. AwG generators have many advantages: great tasting, healthy, alkaline balanced, and mineralized water, with no BPAs from plastic bottles. 

Quench Innovation vision is international – Quenching Thirst Globally!   You can have your own AwG and be part of our vision to positively impact lives and the environment globally. We offer our worldwide neighbors a clean, sustainable water resource especially in the time of disasters. 

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