MAR 5 & 6 2025

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At POWR2, we understand the weighty responsibility you bear in safeguarding communities during times of crisis, and the critical role sustainability plays in the future of disaster response. Balancing the need for reliable power with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions is a complex and often demanding task, especially given budget restraints.

For this reason, POWR2 is constantly innovating to bring advanced battery energy storage technology to the industry. Integrating the POWR2 POWRBANK alongside a generator will cut CO2 emissions, eliminate unwanted generator noise pollution, and result in substantial savings on fuel and operating costs. The POWRBANK is adaptable and robust, for uninterrupted power during critical times.

Eco-conscious community leaders trust the POWRBANK for a full range of temporary power applications including, but not limited to, illuminating temporary traffic signals and toll booths, projects pending grid connection, and powering temporary public works trailers. Plus, the POWRBANK can harness renewable sources for a 100% zero-emission power solution to exceed CO2 emission reduction targets.  

The transition to sustainable energy can be overwhelming, especially given the many options available. Selecting the wrong brand can be detrimental to communities already in crisis. This is why, at POWR2, we offer a unique partnership approach that will eliminate confusion and define a clear path forward. Together, we'll continue to pioneer a future where disaster response is not only effective but also leaves a positive impact on our planet.

Be an industry trailblazer and seize the opportunity to stay ahead of energy industry trends. Meet with your POWR2 commercial energy storage advisor and 
let’s simplify sustainability.  

The POWRBANK is proudly assembled in the USA, contributing to the growth of domestic manufacturing and job creation.

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