MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

Powerhouse Two Inc.

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Powerhouse Two provides custom battery and power solutions for devices, and any application that demands performance. Our unique “build to spec” approach assures clients get exactly what they need. Our developmental experience offers insight into what’s possible, and once designed, we manage every step from prototyping to final product delivery. After two years of in-depth research, we are introducing the Power XP Portable Power Station line of battery power stations. Each of the 5 lithium powered models serve specific needs with innovation. Three are aimed at the home and office. The Power XP Dynayak N35’s represent stunning innovation. Both are completely waterproof and dustproof. Rated IP67, the N35 series can be completely submerged, exposed to temperatures that would freeze any other unit and function perfectly. Both deliver 100% of capacity even at temperatures of 120°F. Disasters often present the worst environments imaginable. Standard power units cannot function in those conditions. The Power XP Dynayak N35’s can and do every time. Housed in a nearly indestructible aluminum Magnesium alloy case, the units have no buttons, no switches, no screens and no vents. It cools itself. Under 50 pounds, go anywhere, withstand nearly everything, and deliver reliable power. Charge it with the fast charger in 2 hours! Combine up to 500W of solar panels and charge in 2 hours. Charge it from your vehicle. You can charge it while you use it. You must see it to believe it. Visit the Powerhouse Two booth #957, and register for our live demonstration seminar.

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