MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center


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Fire risk, driven by rising temperatures, increasing electrification and an increasing number of people living at the wildland urban interface, is increasing.  To combat this, the world needs better fire sensors.  

Optect introduces the first major breakthrough in fire sensing technology of the past 20 years. Its devices are able to detect a 1m x 1m fire at 1km within seconds and larger fires at much greater distances, making them the fastest fire detection devices on the planet.


Other benefits include:

  • No privacy concerns:  They don't rely on cameras so the general public aren't being 'watched'.

  • Installation anywhere:  The devices have their own data backhaul and power harvesting, so they can be positioned anywhere, even in areas without cell coverage or power connectivity.

  • Extreme reliability:  They typically produce fewer than 1 false alarm in several years, meaning you can react fast and decisively when they go off.

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