MAR 5 & 6 2025

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OEC Group Technical Services (OTS)

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The disaster relief services offered by the OEC Technical Services (OTS) division are designed
to help government, non-profit, and private organizations properly prepare for the moment after
a disaster situation occurs.
Specifically, as international logistics experts with vast relationships around the globe, we have
the capability of preparing, coordinating, and quickly delivering necessary supplies anywhere on
the planet. Our industry relationships and connections also allow us the ability to orchestrate a
significant and immediate logistical response to virtually any event that occurs without warning.
Another area of expertise, all things flexitank (design, deployment, and setup), offers us the
ability to provide high-mass drinking water solutions anywhere on the planet from our food
grade quality Shark Tank.
Some of the specific services we provide include:

Stationary and Mobile Drinking Water Solutions

OEC can help create a permanent ground unit that houses our Shark Tank and connects to a
manifold system for distribution. These ground units can remain idle for extended periods of
time, they can be covered from the elements or for general security, they can pair with multiple
other units with the manifold system for larger scale distribution, and they can be easily refilled
with drinking water or replaced with additional units – all while in use.
Our Shark Tanks can also be kept in 20-foot containers and placed in an optimal position for
water distribution. This version would have similar benefits to the ground unit regarding
security, ease of refill, and ease of replacement.
If you do not have a need or space for a stationary solution, OEC also offers a highly effective
mobile solution for evolving disaster situations or mobile points of contact. This solution would
feature a Shark Tank set in a container on a chassis, allowing the water to be quickly moved to
wherever it is needed.

Disaster Relief Kits

Our disaster relief kits, which feature our Shark Tanks, are designed to be quickly and easily
assembled for emergency preparedness. Our team will train your staff on how to assemble the
kit. These kits can also be easily stored, and they are built to last. Our kits will remain safe to use
for extended periods of time.
In addition, we offer a full turn-key option with our kits. Instead of allocating your own internal
resources to deploy one of our units, we can send a team of OTS experts on short notice to set up
all equipment in any time of need.

Operational Consultation

We can conceptualize and help you plan well in advance before a disaster ever occurs. We can
also help you prepare a game plan to ensure you have a step-by-step reference guide to help you
make sound decisions in very stressful situations.

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