MAR 6 & 7 2024

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Montana Disaster Solutions

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Montana Disaster Solutions is a team of experienced logistics masterminds that will provide complete management of operations of your specific situation while having access to a fleet of state of the art equipment. When the need arises, Montana Disaster Solutions offers scalable turnkey basecamp solutions featuring custom built sleeper trailers, elevated meal service, well appointed shower and restroom trailers, laundry service and all of the necessary supporting equipment and personnel. Rapid deployment protocols enable our team to arrive on site and erect self-sustaining communities often within 48 hours of the notice to proceed. We view it as our mission to provide peace of mind to our clients throughout commissioning. To do so, we have recruited a diverse and talented team with years of experience in the disaster relief and event industries. Our team is committed to providing excellent service in a timely manner, acquiring and maintaining new equipment and innovating procedures in an industry that demands flexibility. We have positioned our equipment and our staff across the country to be able to respond in the most efficient manner. Whether your event response protocols are just beginning to take shape or your plan has been fine tuned over decades, we would like to partner with you to ensure plans are executed without interruption, with the best equipment and the most capable staff. Sleeper Trailers - power source at each bunk, privacy curtain for each bunk, climate control, fire alarms, reading light and storage space for each occupant ​ Mobile Showers - private stalls, sinks, mirrors and electrical outlets, propane or diesel fired boiler system, fresh and gray water storage system ​ HVAC & Generation - equipment includes but is not limited to generators of varying sizes, distribution boxes, high amperage cabling and technicians ​ Portable Sanitation - single unit restroom and mobile restroom facilities and stand alone hand wash basins ​ Mobile Laundry - commercial grade washer and dryer along with laundry service and management ​ Meal Service - All necessary mobile kitchen equipment necessary to prepare hot breakfast, boxed lunches and multi-option dinners ​ We have the equipment and staff ready to mobilize and maintain multiple operations simultaneously.

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