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MinXray, Inc.

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Since 1967, MinXray, Inc. has supplied compact, portable x-ray equipment to the medical and veterinary markets. MinXray imaging systems are the ideal solution providing onsite imaging capabilities, anytime it is impractical to bring the patient to a hospital or imaging center. MinXray's digital radiographic systems provide high quality diagnostic radiographic images within 8 seconds on the system laptop or tablet. Acquired images are easily processed, stored and can be transmitted for offsite diagnosis.

MinXray’s new Impact Complete Battery Powered Portable X-ray System offers digital radiographic imaging capabilities at any location, regardless of available power. The Impact system provides digital images of superior quality, is easy to use, ultra-durable, and is available in a variety of customized case options.

Our AC powered CMDR series is a complete portable direct radiography system mounted on a rugged yet light weight mobile stand. The CMDR is easily transported between sites, sets up in less than one minute with image acquisition in less than 10 seconds. Widely used by the US Military, MinXray's CMDR systems allow field hospitals to acquire high quality diagnostic radiographic images quickly. MinXray systems are also on board the US Navy Medical ships Comfort and Mercy.

Unsurpassed in quality and durability, MinXray systems are designed and constructed with the same attention to consistency that has kept us at the forefront of the portable imaging market for the past 53 years. We are committed and will continue to bring the highest quality, latest technology and most compact imaging systems to the marketplace.

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