MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Met One Instruments, Inc.

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Met One Instruments, Inc. designs and manufactures precision particulate measurement devices, meteorological sensors, and integrated systems for customers looking to meet national, local, and industrial standards for emergency response, regulatory compliance, health & safety, quality of life, or other applications. As one of the most established and experienced instruments manufacturers in the USA, known for high quality, precision monitors and samplers used by governments, research institutes, and industry worldwide, Met One meets and exceeds the high standard required by our clients. Our instrumentation is specially engineered for use in the most challenging environmental and weather conditions. For the 2022 Heat & Fire Expo, Met One Instruments, Inc. spotlights air quality monitors and samplers that can withstand and perform optimally in the face of extreme heat and wildfires. All products listed below are invaluable tools for emergency response situations and are Cloud modem compatible for rapid data transmission. Forest fires, structure fires, or industrial accidents can lead to the release of massive amounts of particulate matter into the air, thereby imperiling the health of residents and emergency responders. Because of the unplanned nature of such events, it is often impossible to set up air quality monitoring equipment to accurately assess health threats to the surrounding community. The E-BAM is the only portable beta gauge available that may be quickly and economically operated on battery or solar power. If EPA-designated measurements are required, either the BAM-1022 or the E-BAM PLUS may be quickly and easily deployed. Beta Attenuation Mass Monitors “BAMs” are the standard for continuous ambient particulate mass measurement in air quality monitoring because of their simplicity, reliability, and unsurpassed accuracy. Almost all large air quality monitoring networks worldwide use BAMs for this reason. The BAM-1022 represents the future of regulatory air quality monitoring. It is self-contained, requiring no shelter or enclosure. This feature relieves the need for appropriate space, power, additional expense, and the hassle of setting up an environmentally controlled shelter on-site to perform a simple PM measurement. Unlike most air quality monitors, which are generally set up and complete their measurements at or near room temperature inside a shelter or enclosure, the BAM-1022 performs its measurement under near-ambient conditions. This approach can improve the accuracy of the measurement. Met One also offers low-cost optical technology for use in quick-deployment emergencies. A few of our low-cost sensors include the ALL-NEW ES-412 Portable Simultaneous Particulate Profiler, which measures PM2.5 and PM10, the E-Sampler Dual Ambient Monitor/Sampler, which provides rugged electronic stability and rapidly deploys, and the AQ Eagle Air Quality Monitoring System, which measures 4 PM sizes simultaneously and in real-time. The AQ Eagle also provides environmental parameters, including wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, and relative humidity, ideal for dispersion modeling. When the winds change, so should your plan of attack.  Visit our website or stop by our booth to learn more!

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