MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

Lightning Protection Institute

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The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) is the national organization that leads the way in establishing the highest standards and guidelines for the design, installation, and inspection of lightning protection systems. Our work includes collaboration with architects, engineers, building enclosure consultants, general contractors, as well as many other construction and facility management individuals. The LPI is committed to providing the industry and our members the resources that are needed for each project from start to finish. Specification. Clearly defines standards and processes to outline a properly designed, installed, and inspected lightning protections system. The LPI provides ready-made SPECIFICATIONS and/or answers questions to complete your own. Installation. All installations or re-roofs should require a CERTIFIED INSTALLER. The LPI website provides local contractor information. Inspection. Ensures proper function to prevent undesirable consequences to the building, the electronic infrastructure, and other contents. The LPI recommends using a 3rd PARTY INSPECTION that is specifically trained in lightning protection systems and the industry standards. The LPI-IP Lightning Protection Institute Inspection Program is the most comprehensive inspection & certification program and is highly recommended for military projects that entail more intense specifications.

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