MAR 5 & 6 2025

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Kinetic Analysis Corporation

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To improve your situational awareness, do you need an improved understanding of the expected winds and storm surge caused by the impending landfall of a hurricane? Kinetic Analysis can help by providing you with near real-time data on hazards and impacts associated with tropical cyclone occurring globally.

We derive the geospatial distributino of hurricane winds and storm surge using our custom ocean and atmosphere models and the most recent forecasts or model guidance. Modeled impacts included damage to user-defined assets and economic impacts aggregated to different admin levels or to postal code areas.


Hazards include maximum sustained winds adjusted for land use and topography (Note that NHC winds are for open terrain.), storm surge inundation, cumulative rainfall, and significant wave heigth. Impacts are for user-supplied assets and global seaports, airports, and medical and energy facilities.


You can access our geospatial data directly via our client portal or via our KinetiCast web app.

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