MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

Howick Ltd

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Howick pioneers and continuously innovates precision light steel roll-forming technology. Using CAD technology, our machines produce Cold Formed Steel components ready to assemble for walls, floors and trusses for a total steel building solution. Our customers benefit from proven reliability, rapid build speeds, improved accuracy and dramatically reduced wastage, in projects from new residential builds, low-rise commercial, retrofit infill walls, bathroom pods and emergency response structures.

For over 40 years, our commitment to innovation in Cold Formed Steel (also known as Light Gauge Steel), precision manufacturing, uncompromising quality and exemplary customer service has defined the Howick way. This commitment underpins the competitive advantage enjoyed by our customers. We are trusted partners and suppliers to developers, builders and offsite construction companies in over 80 countries. Our machines offer high-precision manufacturing direct from coil steel for all cold formed steel framing, flooring and roofing needs.

Howick roll-forming machines are a staple part of the new age of the construction industry, but our technology can benefit a myriad of applications. One of these, is in the humanitarian and disaster response theater.

Howick’s compact roll-forming machines are easily deployed to crisis zones for rapid rebuild or temporary structures as part of an emergency response strategy. Our FRAMA™ 3200 machine and decoiler fit easily into 20’ containers, ready to transport and deploy onsite, where steel framing can be manufactured at speed, in what is essentially a mobile factory. Currently in use by the United States Naval Construction Battalions (Navy Seabees), Howick machines can provide fast, light steel fabrication for emergency shelters and hospitals to key humanitarian aid and disaster relief locations.

Howick’s software flexibility offers another advantage as our open architecture works with every major design platform, using a simple CSV specification to write to the machine, avoiding the need for expert detailers or complex software. Minor changes can be made on the fly and with no license fees for Howick software, there is no risk of the license expiring in the middle of an operation. 


We are inspired to share this as an example of what can be achieved. Talk to us about how your emergency response organization may benefit from a similar alliance. Visit the Howick booth 426 at the Disasters Expo in Miami in 2024.

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