MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

HD Barcode LLC

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Incorporating the most advanced 2D HD Cyphercodes in the world, HD Barcode LLC has introduced a range of solutions to assist first responders, agencies, towns, and citizens during an emergency, all without the internet, database, or phone connectivity.

HD Cyphercodes have been called a “memory stick on paper”, with the ability to embed over 50,000 times more data than a UPC/EAN store code (Over 703KB of data). HD Cyphercodes can be printed utilizing standard desktop printers, on paper or water resistant “Teslin™” sheets or labels, and read with a Smartphone or pc with an app with the matching authorization keys for that use. Each agency or user is provided their own “code generator” allowing them both a unique “authorization key” and

providing them the ability to create their password. During a disaster, our programs help overcome interoperability issues with multiple agencies. HD

Cyphercodes can contain detailed maps and instructions that are encrypted/private and only readable via an authorized reader. The faster that first responders have detailed site information the faster they can work together to resolve the incident. HD Cyphercodes can provide access to detailed pre-operation action plans meeting FEMA guidelines.

HD Barcode LLC also has secure programs to protect PII (Private Identifiable Information) yet have necessary lifesaving information available to First Responders. Unlike prior medical information programs that were accessible to anyone that could pick up and review the information, HD Cyphercodes are secure, yet accessible to authorized First Responders. Information that is secure yet accessible without HIPAA violations.

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