MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Hanby Environmental - OMG Solutions

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Hanby Environmental and OMG Solutions' products combine to be "The New Hydrocarbon Remediation Paradigm."  Hanby's Field Test Kits provide the real time monitoring of  OMG's real time and in-situ (in place) remediation of Hydrocarbon contamination.  OMG's ELMN8 product line is a non-hazardous and non-toxic solution that when applied, upon contact, immediately oxidizes hydrocarbon contamination converting it into water and carbon dioxide.

OMG's sister product PyroSolve is the new evolution in Fire Fighting.  Also non-hazardous and non-toxic, it can be applied as a solution or a foam to immediately extinguish fires and is the source is hydrocarbon based, also remediate it at the same time.  PyroSolve is the Toxic Foam replacement!

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