MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Granny’s Alliance Holdings, Inc.

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Granny’s Alliance Holdings, Inc. is a premier emergency relief company providing
disaster tools and equipment to organizations and individuals across the county. With
our large fleet of asset-owned equipment, we can deploy quickly to provide you with the
solutions needed for both turnkey base camps and single resource support.

From hurricane relief services to wildfire support, our team has been there to provide
our equipment, services, and expertise, helping those in the front lines addressing the
complicated environmental issues created by monumental disasters. We served as the
prime contractor for the State of New Jersey during Superstorm Sandy, helped in the
aftermaths of Hurricane’s Katrina, Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence, Michael, Dorian,
Laura, Zeta, and Ida and provided support during the devastating environmental impact
of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and during catastrophic tornado outbreaks in
Alabama, as well as setting up and managing multiple COVID-19 medical field

In every situation, our disaster management team was ready to deliver the resources
and assistance needed to provide substantial support to those who were risking it all to
help those who lost everything. Our team offers everything from management, site
preparation, and catering to power generation and billeting, complete ablution services,
security, badging, MWR’s, and laundry services.

People that are using our equipment and services are true heroes. That is why we
provide them with the most effective service at the best value. We want our clients to be
able to enjoy the comforts of home even during the most extreme situations.

Tel: 1-877-GRANYZZ

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