MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center


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FloodMapp is a world leader in flood forecasting & live inundation mapping for emergency management before, during, & after flood events.

Aimed at improving safety and preventing damage, FloodMapp provides highly accurate, real-time, property-level and dynamic flood inundation and depth insights for businesses exposed to flooding.

Our products- Forecast, Nowcast, & Postcast- provide situational awareness & street-level flood intelligence before, during, & after flood events, enabling users to improve safety and prevent damage.

FloodMapp combines big data analytics, automation and machine learning techniques with novel hydrology and hydraulic models to achieve large-scale, rapid flood modelling. This kind of flood intelligence provides unrivalled situational awareness to inform decision making, during and after a flood event. It also enables targeted evacuations, loss prevention, minimising business interruption and lost productivity, predominantly experienced by users in the utilities, transport, mining, insurance and public sector.

Tel: +1-804-350-0766

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