MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates

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FloodBreak is the pioneer of fully passive automatic flood barrier systems-protecting people and property 24/7 without human intervention or power. We were founded in Houston, Texas in 2001 after witnessing firsthand the devastation of Tropical Storm Allison and the overall unpreparedness of most cities in the face of flood events. It became clear to us that active flood mitigation measures failed to protect against catastrophic flood damage due largely to human intervention. FloodBreak’s innovative technology has led to over 2500 of our flood barrier systems being installed throughout the United States and international markets. FloodBreak systems have been in service and field-tested for almost two decades, including real-world deployments and long-term exposure in a variety of conditions. Innovation is at the core of FloodBreak’s success. Our proven, clean, fool proof operating principle is unique in the flood protection market. We deliver elegant, permanent, and reliable flood protection solutions using sound engineering and creative problem solving. Let us help you solve your flood problems.

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