MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Flood-Con LLC

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Flood-Con, LLC is an automated
stormwater management company
that provides cutting edge technology
through its proprietary products and
engineering services. Our mission is
to revolutionize the stormwater
management industry with products
that combine engineering and
technology. We provide real solutions
for responsible urban development.
Solutions are needed that meet or
exceed increasing regulations without
impacting cost. Higher costs are
expressed in larger retention ponds
with less developable land and/or
fines for not meeting regulations.
Flood-con provides products that:
-Meets or exceeds storm
water runoff and quality
-Significantly reduces the cost
of storm water management.
-Monitors and alerts
customers of storm events
that require site inspection.
-Record event data and
provide developers with
workflows to stay in
compliance and audit trails to
for regulatory agencies

Tel: 205-874-9444

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