MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Fero International Inc.

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Fero International Inc. designs, manufactures, and delivers semi-permanent, permanent, and hard-shelled mobile infrastructure to assist the world in accessing safe, flexible, and affordable modular infrastructure.Fero’s use of breakthrough technologies provides revolutionary products configured to support infrastructure purposes in a variety of areas such as health care, emergency disaster relief, military, correctional facilities, diagnostic laboratories, schools, long-term care homes, modular housing, mining oil and gas, indigenous and remote communities, and other social sector focused agencies.From its expansive 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility, Fero’s full-service modular solutions and custom enclosures are available on an on-demand and reliable manner, produced to meet unique needs of clients and other stakeholders.

Speed of deployment and ease of assembly and disassembly enable units to be efficiently and rapidly mobilized, remobilized, repurposed and scaled up or down as needed. Our disaster relief solutions support many applications where and when help is critically needed most on the ground. Patented solutions are designed and engineered to be portable, adaptive and interchangeable.

Our solutions include:
 Hard-shell mobile health care units easily reconfigured as ICU, Surgical and more

 Safe Shelters Solutions for natural or manmade disaster events

Fire detection and suppression Solutions (Modular unmanned fire suppression unit)

 Mass Power Failure Solutions (all-in-one energy systems, HVAC, auxiliary equipment)

Portable Clean Water Solutions

Remote Lighting Solutions

Rapid Hospital Expansion in the event of mass casualty events or natural disasters

 Infrastructure expansion to assist government and non-government organizations (NGO’s) in life saving work

Visit Fero’s Booths #611 and #765 to learn more!  

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