MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Fast Rescue Solutions

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Fast Rescue Solutions (FRS) started with a need to bridge the gap between the mindset of technical rescue and the demands of emergency evacuation of downed patients from a hazardous environment. FRS has taken this challenge head-on with the innovative design of the FAST Board. We originally developed the FAST (Firefighter Assistance Search Team) Board with one specific intent: Remove a firefighter from a basement within minutes. We continually refine the FAST Board into the ultimate rescue platform designed for maximum versatility and ease of use. Originally designed for Rapid Intervention in firefighter rescue, this system also excels in the fields of Confined Space, HazMat, Active Shooter Response, and all areas of patient packaging, extrication, and transport. With the addition of the FAST Flotation Device, the Board is setting a new standard for water and ice rescue. Constructed with industry-standard webbing and hardware, the innovative rapid packaging features will have your patient packaged and moving in seconds. Time is a precious asset and in a rescue scenario with a true medical emergency, we rarely have enough of it. The ability to securely package a patient and move them horizontally or vertically in under 30 seconds is unprecedented. Additionally, the skills needed by the first responders to perform these rescues are at a basic level and will allow rescuers to save time during a rescue with a minimal investment of time needed for training.

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