MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

Faraday Defense Corporation

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Faraday Defense is the PREMIER name in Faraday Technology. Founded in 2014 with a vision to become the TRUSTED name in Faraday products, Faraday Defense today offers SUPERIOR solutions to block all wireless signals such as cellular, wifi, GPS, bluetooth, RFID and EMP. 

Faraday Defense is an ESTABLISHED name that is trusted by law enforcement, the military, government agencies and concerned citizens across our nation. Faraday Defense offers a full spectrum of EMP solution products ranging from our NEST-Z EMP Bags to our EMP Vehicle Protection Kit. Faraday Defense not only offers a wide varitey of EMP solutions but also offers a full line Faraday products. These solutions range from our Faraday JACKET bags to our CHAMBER series of Faraday enclosures. This ensures that whatever your need is, Faraday Defense delivers. 

Our Products Are Designed Exclusively For:

- Law Enforcement and Military Forensic Investigators
- Anti-Tracking & Anti-Hacking
- EMP, CME, and Solar Flare Protection
- Chain of Custody Protection

Faraday Defense designs its products to meet and exceed the expectations of clients globally. From sourcing the right Faradsy CYBER fabrics to ensuring every seam is stitched properly, Faraday Defense stands behind its products and ensures its success in the marketplace. PREMIUM PROTECTION by Faraday Defense.

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