MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center

EZ on the Earth, a Lighting Resources Co.

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EZ on the Earth Universal Recycling Made Simple

Comprehensive Specialty Recycling Services

As the one of the nation’s largest Universal Recyclers, with multiple locations throughout the United States and a nationwide truck fleet, we have the resources and expertise to make recycling easy for you. We recycle everything from batteries, Lamps, ballasts and electronic waste to smoke detectors, thermostats, exit signs and beyond. So, if your waste is caused from a Natural Disaster, Flood or other issues we can help you find a solution to recycling your Universal Waste, be compliant, be EZ on the Earth, and do the right thing.

Recycling Services

Lamp Recycling – Battery Recycling – Ballast Recycling - E-Waste Recycling – Mercury Recycling – Retail Return Recycling – OEM/Product Recall Recycling – Automotive Safety Device Recycling – Tritium Exit Sign Recycling – Smoke Detector Recycling – Solar Panel Recycling – LED Recycling

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Whether your recycling needs measure in tons or just a few pounds, we’re here to help. Got 10,000 bulbs you need to take care of? We’ll send a truck to pick them all up. Got hundreds of batteries you want to recycle? We’ll ship you a convenient mail-back recycle kit within 48 - 72 hours.

Are you a large quantity generator with a trailer load of recyclables? Give us a call to talk through solutions for your specific needs. EZ on the Earth, a Lighting Resources Co. [Call 805-624-3050]

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