MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

ESTHER International Inc.

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ESTHER provides a specialized ‘care-tech’ platform to help organizations provide efficient, transparent and accountable direct financial assistance to people in need via short term emergency relief or long term sustainable aid programmes. Providing fast access to financial assistance in a crisis enables communities to respond quickly and flexibly to the varied needs of those experiencing difficulties.
Using special prepaid cards, organizations can use our recipient focused technology as a means of providing safeguarded direct financial giving with in depth reporting on how and where funds or donations have been spent.
ESTHER’s dedication to the aid community means we focus on the needs of recipients, the caseworkers who enrol, approve and serve them and the non profits, government agencies and foundations that resource them.
Talk to us about how ESTHER can help provide the pre-positioning of financial aid to ensure fast, accountable funds where they are needed most.

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