MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Enbiorganic Technologies, LLC

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EnBiorganic Technologies, founded in 2019, bridges science and technology to contribute to a living planet. We are driven to build innovative solutions based on a foundation of solid science. Our team is focused on solving big issues that will have a significant impact in our backyard and beyond. Our current breakthroughs in wastewater solutions, HAB mediation and animal agriculture create value for our clients, while protecting the planet’s most valuable resources. Our EBS-Di Automated Bioaugmentation Solution combines the power of customized proprietary soil microbiology with groundbreaking, autonomous delivery technology for all natural, sustainable biological treatment of wastewater. What this technology does with microbiology makes it a game-changer: Through a patent-pending process, it generates and activates customized microbiology at a rapid pace on a massive scale just before it enters the wastewater system. The microbes are immediately ready to go to work dominating the system and delivering consistent results, unlike traditional bioaugmentation methods. Positioned in the collection system or treatment plant, it injects these microbes into the wastewater at a level that overwhelms problem nutrients or contaminants including H2S, FOG and sludge build-up. The consortium of microbes is customized to each application. Unlike indigenous microbiology, it can perform without oxygen and is highly adaptive, translating to reduced retention time requirements and a plant’s quicker return to normal performance after a natural weather disaster. It simply delivers the solution to big pain points in one compact, complete package with No CAPEX or additional OPEX to the utility plant. Visit us to learn how.

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