MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Dura-Trac Flooring Ltd., Temporary Modular Flooring System

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Success starts on solid ground. Dura-Trac™ Dura-Trac® Flooring by Sur-Loc manufactures the highest quality, modular flooring system, transforming outdoor spaces into prestigious, multi-functional events. Speed of use. Made from HDPE plastic, Dura-Trac® panels have been engineered for speed and ease of installation. The patented slide lock system is self-aligning and allows for adjacent panels to fit together seamlessly. No pieces to be inserted and no hinges to break—slide the 4x4 panel into place, and lock it. Strength. Dura-Trac® SE and SB are 2.75 inches thick, lightweight with a 4' x 4' panel weighing just 50lbs., yet providing both superior strength and maximum stability. With high elastomer stress and crack resistant properties, Dura-Trac® was engineered to handle heavy loads effortlessly, easily accommodating weighty vehicles, machinery, tents, and structures. Durability. These panels provide excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, withstanding temperature ranges from -10 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Easy to clean. The cams are guaranteed for the life of the panel not to rust with normal use. Panels self-heal, carpets and turf can be stapled without damage. Special installation tools improve efficiency and productivity. Our edging and ramp solutions are available to give that finished look, pedestrian access, ADA compliance and equipment accessibility. Safety. Dura-Trac® panels were designed with safety in mind. The textured top provides excellent slip resistance. Built-in tolerances on all four sides of the panels allow contouring over undulating ground surfaces even in the most extreme conditions. The panels also exceed safety standard UL94 HB for flame resistance.

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