MAR 5 & 6 2025

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DLP Services LLC

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DLP has been awarded contracts in which we’ve had to turn around services in under 72 hours after award. Mobilizing an implementation team to assist with disaster situations where 
timing is of the essence. Our team has had to hire 100+ employees under 72 hours in multiple occasions meeting our customer requirements. DLP has partnered with multiple vendors to set disaster relief services across Texas, New Mexico, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Arizona.

Management & Teamwork: DLP offers trained and prepared personnel that have performed similar project services, and that are experienced in accomplishing assigned tasks. We understand and address necessary and essential issues ahead of time, such as security clearances for staff, and the ability to meet a ‘workload surge’ and increase staff at a moment’s notice. Most importantly, DLP strives to integrate its workforce into the customer’s team. We are team players and offer customers our services as a loyal partner to perform code-compliant services, help accomplish customer plans, and meet customer goals. 
Qualified Workforce: DLP relies on its workforce to meet the challenges presented with each new project. Therefore, DLP management prioritizes recruitment of dedicated, dependable, qualified staff. We search and similar sites to give former servicemen and women opportunities for employment. DLP has the resources ready for any call to duty.

In summary, DLP provides DHS a rare opportunity to partner with a firm that has mature and regionally proven process to delivery of emergency staffing services at federal facilities. From our approach to staffing personnel, selecting and assigning leadership, quality control and our highly relevant experience, 
DLP is a best in class provider of precisely the services GSA requires in the precise region the facilities are situated.

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