MAR 6 & 7 2024

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Digital E Consulting

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Digital E Consulting is a business established in Miami, Florida, to provide geospatial services and aerial Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services for the engineering, land survey, and construction industries. We implement drones and data analytics tools to deliver advanced imaging and actionable data backed by robust processing, analysis, and visualization expertise. Our workflows and systems significantly reduce the amount of manual work and open up the possibilities of getting incredible insights that were impossible to obtain with traditional methods.

We substitute and automate repetitive work that leads to:

•Increasing safety on the job site by decreasing the number of hours workers are exposed to dangerous situations collecting data.
•Reducing cost by minimizing hours from human inspectors on the field.
•Reducing lead time by the automation of the data collection and data processing.
•Accessing the target area condition's information when needed (on-demand).
•Improving documentation thanks to the aerial perspective.

We offer customized products tailored to each customer's need, such as preparing geodatabases for GIS or Artificial Intelligence programming to automatically create inventories from aerial 2D/3D maps of objects like cars, cattle, debris, building footprints, crops, trees, or roof damage. In addition, we provide a complete turn-key solution that takes care of all aspects of the project so our customers can start using the data as received.

Besides our data collecting using drones and processing services, we also source drones, accessories, and software to private and public organizations that want to operate their drones or process the data in-house.

Tel: +1-7864657434

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