MAR 5 & 6 2025

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Curavetti Medical Staffing

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At Curavetti, we're acutely aware of the need for top-tier patient safety and care, whether it's day-to-day in healthcare facilities or in response to disasters.


Our mission is to supply only the highest-quality medical professionals who not only enhance the wellbeing of patients but also support and uplift your permanent staff, wherever and whenever the need arises. Curavetti prides itself on a thorough vetting process that carefully selects the most qualified individuals for each role.


With a network of thousands of clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals across the nation, we are poised to address any disaster staffing needs promptly. Our command center mobilizes quickly, providing ground support with on-site representatives and comprehensive backend assistance. We ensure that all departments can be activated within an hour, with teams ready to travel to any location.


Our foundation is built on military values, with many of our own having served. We understand the sacrifices made by service members and are dedicated to hiring and supporting veterans, and ensuring the highest quality of care in VA and government facilities.


In addition to our Joint Commission Certified Digital Recruitment Platform, industry-leading benefits, and 24/7 support for our travel nursing staff and healthcare facilities, we also offer seamless no-cost permanent hire placements.


Partner with Curavetti and let us bring our rapid response and steadfast support to your staffing challenges, enhancing patient care even in the most critical times.

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