MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center


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C-AT designs & manufactures reliable 2-way voice/radio communications equipment for public safety and military agencies. C-AT’s radio interoperability products bridge incompatible devices, bands, and frequencies, allowing on-site agencies to immediately communicate with one another. We strive to serve the community by providing products that are cost effective, can be used without specialized training that will work in the most austere environments regardless of power sources.  C-AT products include:

  • Incident Commanders Radio Interface (ICRI)

  • Digital-Advanced Multichannel Vehicle Intercom System (D-AMCVIS)

  • In-building/Below-grade Repeater Systems

  •  LMR-to-MSAT-G2 satellite interface (incl. BGAN and Iridium Satellites)

  •  Wireless Intercom Systems

  • CBRNe PPE radio headset/P-T-T (compatible with Level A/B/C PPE SCBA/M-4x/M-50 masks/PAPRS headsets) 

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