MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Clear Science, Inc.

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Some of the most important decisions happen at lead times greater than what is readily available (> 2 weeks).  DOD-developed CORGI (Climate Outlook Resource for Global Insight) was created to give decision-makers insight into emerging environmental conditions to optimize operational readiness. This technology is now available to you from the company that built this technology from the ground up. Since 2008, Clear Sience, Inc., (CSI) has developed the Advanced Climate Analysis Forecasting (ACAF) system (AKA CORGI) while bringing quality STEM jobs to rural Florida. CSI has pioneered the application and availability of climate and long-range forecast information for use by the Federal Government in planning, resource mangagement, asset allocation, and intelligence. CSI seeks to adapt this broad-application technology to benefit state and local governments and commercial business interests.  Recent CORGI Initiatives: (1) TERAS-TC – (Targeted Environmental Risk Assessment System – Topical Cyclone): a North America hurricane risk assessment tool (1920-2020); (2) TERAS TC Proximity API – Automated Programming Interface providing hurricane data relative to a location with rich supporting statistics include storm surge information

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