MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

Better Shelter RHU AB

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Better Shelter provides safe and dignified temporary shelter. Our shelters are modular and scalable and can serve as clinics, child-friendly spaces, and communal infrastructure.

Working together with UN agencies, NGOs, governments, and civil society, we have provided more than 65,000 shelters in over 70 countries in natural disaster, pandemic, and conflict settings.


  • 188 ft2

  • Flat-packed

  • All necessary components and tools included

  • Enables predictable planning, budgeting and implementation

  • Free-standing height

  • 9 airflow openings and vector control

  • Lockable door, rigid steel frame, non-see through walls and a portable solar powered lamp

  • Protects against heavy rain, wind and sun

  • Adaptable size and layout: Fit for numerous applications

  • Modular system can be maintained, repaired and/or transformed over time

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