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FLOODSTOP flood protection is a unique and innovative flood defense barrier that uses the rising floodwater to create flood protection.

We are a multi-award-winning company that provides functional, economical flood defenses for households, businesses, and municipalities. At Barrier Solutions, we are passionate about making a real difference to individuals who suffer from the heartache of flood damage.

FLOODSTOP flood barriers are quick to deploy systems that are used around the world to protect utilities, businesses, and households at risk from flooding. Many major utilities have successfully deployed Floodstop to protect key assets from the flooding. Our patented flood barriers are more cost-effective and more reliable than sandbags. In recent years, our systems have won the Emergency Planning Society's Most Innovative Product of the Year Award and Queens Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category.

If you are a private householder or business, visit our Private Household and Business page to see how we can help you with flood protection.

If you represent a municipality, click our Municipalities page to see the options available for flood defenses.

To find out more about how Barrier Solutions can protect you from flooding, please email us at for details and prices.

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