MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center


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Arcsky LLC offers safe and reliable unmanned aerial vehicle systems with universal platforms and flexible, interchangeable power sources. The core system features a variety of user-configurable options and can achieve greatly extended flight times, when compared to most currently available heavy-lift and industrial drone solutions in the market. This is achieved primarily through the use of a custom integrated hybrid gas-electric power module that generates the electrical power needed to sustain flight for up to 3 hours, depending on payload and operating conditions.With a universal mounting platform and rail system below the deck of the drone, practically any commercial or industrial payload can be adapted and flown, allowing users to operate with more efficiency in the field, especially where infrastructure is lacking and access to electricity for charging batteries is not feasible. With flexible power options, in situations where flight time is less of a concern and a heavier payload or less operational noise is desired, a battery-only power module can be quickly and easily interchanged with the hybrid module. X55 Airframe The multi-role utility drone with up to 3-hour flight times and interchangeable power modules. With the X55, you get the best of both worlds - heavy payloads with the Battery Module and extraordinary flight times with the Hybrid Module. Hybrid Module: The Hybrid Module provides longer flight time and nearly continuous operation for the X55. Ideal for long-range missions or remote areas where charging batteries is difficult.

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