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Aquatabs is the world’s most trusted disinfection tablet.

Used globally for aid and development programs and emergency response, the original Aquatabs tablet range is now complemented by Aquatabs Flo and Aquatabs InLine to provide long term, safe and sustainable drinking water systems to small communities, hospitals healthcare facilities and schools. 

Aquatabs InLine

An innovative system for disinfecting water at the point of collection. Manufactured in Ireland, this easily installed system disinfects a minimum of 360,000 litres. A cost-effective & sustainable water solution that is used successfully worldwide for home water tanks, water kiosks, shared water points in towns, villages, schools, healthcare facilities, farms etc. Aquatabs InLine - Makes Water Safe - Keeps Water Safe

Aquatabs disinfected over 32 billion litres of water during 2021!

WASH in Healthcare Facilities 

The Aquatabs WASH Kit is designed to simplify the delivery of essential infection prevention and control programs to smaller health care facilities. Containing all the surface, water, hand and medical instrument disinfection needed in rural facilities,

Aquatabs WASH Kit is an innovative all in one solution containing:

Water Disinfection:

AQUATABS – Available in a variety of formats to suit water supply volumes and infrastructure.

Surface Disinfection:

KLORKLEEN - The first tablet to pass the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) new efficacy protocol, with an 8-log reduction in the number of pathogens when tested after 4 minutes. Included in the ‘N List’ of products that meet USEPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2.

Aquatabs WASH kit also includes microfiber cloths for use with Klorkleen for complete surface disinfection.

Medical Instrument & Endoscope Disinfection:

ULTRASEPTIN - Proven microbiological protection against mycobacteria including M terrae, M avium, and poliovirus. Excellent material compatibility-tested on Olympus and Karl STORZ endoscopes. Microbiological activity against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.

*The delivery carton can be reused as the instrument disinfection container for Ultraseptin.

General Hygiene

Also includes hand washing soap - still the most effective method to remove contaminants from hands. 

Aquatabs Team 

Our Aquatabs team of experts are here to advise you on the solutions most suited to your needs - call to our booth 1150 and together, let's collaborate to make a difference.


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