MAR 5 & 6 2025

Miami Beach Convention Center


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AquaFence is a global leader in deployable flood protection solutions designed to protect people, communities, and real estate worldwide from flooding. Commercial and governmental entities in Asia, Europe, and North America have worked with AquaFence to protect hospitals, schools, airports, tunnels, office buildings, and factories. In the US alone, AquaFence flood barriers protect more than USD 30 billion worth of real estate from flooding. Over the past 15 years, AquaFence flood barriers have been developed and continuously improved in close collaboration with engineers, academic institutions, and insurance companies.The AquaFence FloodWall system is certified by FM Approvals to meet their ANSI/FM Approvals 2510 standard, often regarded as the gold standard for flood mitigation systems. FM Approvals uses scientific research and rigorous testing to ensure that their approved products conform to the highest standards for safety and property loss prevention. AquaFence’s patented technology has resulted in the three main products: AquaFence FloodWall - An industrial grade deployable flood barrier used to protect vulnerable areas ranging from single openings to large property perimeters. Standard sizes range from 28” to 9’ in height. AquaFence FlashWall - A compact flood barrier, designed to be rapidly installed by a single person to protect doors from flash flooding and torrential rain. The FlashWall has a height of 20” and ranges from 4’ to 9’4” wide. AquaFence FloodBarricade - A flood barrier designed to protect individual openings, offering a quick installation with industrial performance.

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